About us!

Who we best serve and how we do it.

who we best serve

Our programming aims to accommodate all ability levels. Primary participants have various special needs ranging from (but not limited to) cognitive, communication, sensory, and physical deficits.  However, the following criteria will ensure the best experience for each student.

  • Student willingly wants to participate in the creative arts.
  • Student can communicate primary needs (verbally or nonverbally through sign or communication device).
  • Student can follow basic instructions with guidance or support.
  • Student tolerates small group settings with peers.

No Violence Policy: We are unable to tolerate re-occurring violent or aggressive behavior that disrupts programming or inhibits the safety of others.

How we best serve

We are a mobile 501c3 non-profit organization that seeks to bring our programming to students in the Nashville community. We partner with local organizations and school systems to bring the creative arts to areas near you.

When it comes to what we hope is learned, accomplished, and communicated through our programming, we have three primary goals:

  • We desire to offer a space for creativity and expression. ¬†Many individuals with special needs struggle to understand social cues and interpret expressions; it is often difficult identifying their own emotions. We believe that all forms of the performing arts can help with these skills. We hope that we can offer opportunities where kids learn to express themselves and fall in love with their own creativity on the stage.
  • We desire to build community and raise awareness. Everyone needs to feel known, loved, and accepted. We hope to build a strong support system for our participants, but beyond that, we want our audience to connect with our participants and become their biggest fans. We also seek to partner with our community to raise awareness for other organizations impacting families with individuals with special needs.
  • We desire to empower our participants and help their confidence grow with opportunities to shine and soak up the spotlight. We want to offer this unique opportunity for our participants and our volunteers to learn skills that they can be proud of and then perform with enthusiasm and confidence.