June 2, 2020

Let Go & Gain Control

Relax & Refocus

This spring, we invited our community to join us in our first digital series, "Let Go and Gain Control."  When the world began to feel upside down, due to natural disasters and a global pandemic, we came together each week to destress, refocus, and calmly end our day. On Monday evenings, you could find Kelsey Lownds, Board Certified Music Therapist, on Facebook and Instagram Live, guiding us through many types of relaxation exercises.

We explored techniques that helped our minds and bodies relax.  Each exercise specifically designed using various music techniques to help heighten the relaxation experience. For example, through the careful use of rhythm, a familiar and comforting structure was created that allowed our minds and bodies to enter into more complex relaxation exercises.

You can still find the Let Go and Gain Control Series on our Facebook page or... drum roll, please... Check out our new resource page!

Sometimes our bodies need one type of relaxation more than another.

The Resource Page highlights resources from past and current programming that can be adapted and used at home on an ongoing basis. In the Let Go and Gain Control Digital Resource section, you will find short videos to practice different relaxation exercises. These are focused on body awareness, deep breathing, and imagery.

Sometimes our bodies need one type of relaxation more than another. For example, body awareness exercises are most beneficial when we have built up energy or are having trouble identifying our bodies within our environments. But, if you have racing thoughts, maybe check out the deep breathing or imagery exercises. There is something for everyone!

We would love to hear your feedback on what you enjoy and how to best partner with you in additional information! We can even individualize these resources to accommodate your needs best.