June 30, 2020

Circle. Square. Triangle.

What does the logo mean?

Hi! My name is Chris! If you have ever been to a Courtney's Corner concert, practice, or workshop, you have probably seen me behind the soundboard or running around with a camera. I have the honor of doing all things media here at CC. That means I am the designer of our new logo and website. I wanted to share with you the story and inspiration behind those 3 simple shapes!

I have been a full-time graphic designer for around a decade. Branding projects are my favorite. There is something so rewarding about capturing the vision and essence of a company into a simple and memorable logo. Usually, I have very little to do with the organization I am designing for. I have to research and learn everything I can about their vision and goals. Most of the time, this makes my job easier. I can be objective. Most projects wrap up with 3 initial design options and 1 or 2 revisions.

This logo was different. There was seemingly a million versions, revisions, and a ream of crumpled up sketches that didn't work... This logo was different because I have been personally changed by this program.

Before marrying Kelsey Queen, (I can't believe she changed her name to Gothard either) and working with CC, I had spent zero time with an individual with special needs. Embarrassingly, I had my assumptions about what the special needs community was like. I was nervous about interacting with the students and families. What if I said the wrong thing? What if I didn't know how to handle a situation?

Basically, I was a fool.

Thanks to Courtney's Corner, I have been welcomed into a joyous, vibrant, loving community over the last 5 years. There is no group quite like the special needs community. No one can rival their acceptance and love. You don't need to earn their love, it is given immediately and unconditionally. Full-life joy overflows from their hearts. If only all people could be like this.

How do you make a logo that captures that joy?

Circle. Square. Triangle. The three shapes blending into one symbolizes inclusion. The arts are for everyone. At Courtney's Corner, we strive to create a program where everyone belongs no matter the ability.

The shapes, patterns, colors we use are hand-drawn, organic, and vibrant. It was important to me that you would immediately feel the energy from the moment you saw our logo and branding. After all, when you spend 5 seconds in a group of individuals with special needs, you are immersed in their energy. They are vibrant, fun, and genuinely creative.

One of my favorite parts of our new look is the fun hand-drawn font. The font is adapted from Courtney Queen's handwriting from old letters that she wrote Kelsey.

It is my goal to showcase how amazing individuals with special needs are with our branding and visuals. I am excited to help bring their stories and the power of inclusion to as many people as possible.